BREAKING THE CYCLE, Art Moorhouse, London. 21st November 2019 - 6th January 2020

Approaching the burning ghats of Varanasi through the narrow winding  streets......  Enormous stacks of timbers stretch along every street and alleyway and at the river's edge, piles of ashes are consigned to the dark waters of the Ganges. Dogs and cattle pick their way along the bank as the next pyres are prepared and set alight. Colour abounds but always moderated by the greys and sooty blacks of the ash and scorched timbers.


......The structure of the timbers lent a strong abstract motif to many of the paintings. Likewise, thoughts and ideas based around samsara and moksha gave shape to the composition and design, stained with the memories and experience of colour and place. .......
The visual language is bold and simple, using various large tools with generous, direct application of paint. Texture breaking and activating surface, a simpler arrangement and form of expression. A balance between action and stillness, light and dark, the seeking of infinite variety in repetition, through accident and chance. The work is intuitive, a felt response to these timeless ceremonies a meditation on the universal human condition that perhaps binds us closer in this ever more fractured world.