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Mission Enfance

Marcus Hodge is known for his energetic impressionistic style. His work is distinctive for the vitality it captures in his passion for paint, where the material and the subject are of equal importance. This owes much to a rigorous five years of training in the old master techniques in Spain. His pictures are therefore classical with a contemporary twist. On returning to Britain in 1996, he was featured within a year as one of the “A” list of Portrait Painters by Harpers and Queen and has remained in constant demand ever since.

"So off into the wilderness Marcus goes, loaded with small boards and panels on which to register, and with a most remarkable freedom and spontaneity, whatever takes his eye. Yet far more than mere studies for larger works, these small paintings are themselves properly resolved within their own terms, and as impressive as anything he does."

William Packer, London, Sep. 2011  read full article

marcus hodge portrait image