Marcus Hodge is a British contemporary artist whose work is known for its vitality and sculptural use of paint. His seventh solo exhibition Gateways in 2017, represented a pivotal moment in the artist’s established career and signalled his definitive transition from figurative to abstract painting. Gateways was a clear metaphor for this transformation, as Hodge sought to explore the decisive moments in life which affect us all, whether as individuals, families or nations. In his latest work, to be shown in November 2019, these themes have evolved further, inspired by the eternal flames used to light the funeral pyres in Varanasi, India.

In the early stages of his career, Hodge initially made his name as a portrait painter. He returned to the UK in 1996 from a rigorous five year training in classical oil painting in Spain, very much in the vivid Spanish ‘Alla Prima’ style. Within two years, he exhibited with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and was selected as one of the UK’s A list portrait painters by Harpers and Queen.

Hodge first travelled to India in 2000. This trip was the start of an intense fascination with India and became the driving inspiration behind his first solo show of figures and landscapes.  With each show that followed, Hodge’s style constantly evolved to become bolder and simpler as the process of exploring the physical nature of paint became his driving force.

Solo Exhibitions

2001 June FAC, Cork Street London
2002 November FAC, Cork Street London
2004 June FAC, Walton Street London
2011 November FAC, Tryon Gallery London
2014 October Osborne Studio Gallery London
2015 October The Jerram Gallery Sherborne
2017 November Rountree Tryon Gallery London
2019 November ArtMoorHouse London

Selected Collective Exhibitions

2000 Royal Society of Portrait Painters London
2005 Osborne Studio Gallery London
2011 Art London London
2012 Bonhams Edinburgh
2017 Palm Beach Art Fair Miami
2018 Crossgate Gallery Lexington, USA
2019 Crossgate Gallery Lexington, USA