Marcus Hodge is a British contemporary artist whose work is known for its vitality and sculptural use of paint. He seeks to evoke an instinctive response in the viewer by using minimal language. Central to his work is the juxtaposition of energy and stillness, where visceral layers of paint interact to reveal a glimpse of what lies beneath. With a restrained economy of means, the paintings are less about finish as about the process - a process of not knowing, one that may reveal something you weren't looking for. The picture finds itself in the mysterious and compelling process of being painted.


In the early stages of his career, Hodge initially made his name as a portrait painter. He returned to the UK in 1996 from a rigorous five year training in classical oil painting in Spain, very much in the vivid Spanish ‘Alla Prima’ style. Within two years, he exhibited with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and was selected as one of the UK’s A list portrait painters by Harpers and Queen. Hodge first travelled to India in 2000. This trip was the start of an intense fascination with India and became the driving inspiration behind his first solo show. With each solo exhibition which followed, his style constantly evolved to become bolder and simpler as figurative painting gave way to abstraction. The paintings were accompanied by impressionist bronze sculptures, as his interest in this three dimensional aspect grew.


The Gateways exhibition in 2017 represented a pivotal moment in the artist’s established career as it fused his love of India with abstraction. The themes of gateways and windows were clear metaphors for this transformation which gave the materials far greater expression, unencumbered by representation. Different tools such as large spatulas, knives and lengths of wood were used to introduce the elements of risk, chance and opportunity. Each painting becomes unique in Hodge's search for the unexpected.


Solo Exhibitions:

2001   Fine Art Commissions, Cork Street         London

2002   FAC, Cork Street                                        London

2004   FAC, Walton Street                                    London
2011   FAC at the Tryon Gallery                           London

2014   Osborne Studio Gallery                             London

2015   The Jerram Gallery                                   Sherborne

2017   Rountree Tryon Gallery                             London

2019   ArtMoorHouse                                           London


Selected Collective Exhibitions

1992-5     Austin Galleries                                    Austin, USA
1996        Cadogan Contemporary                       London
1997-01  Royal Society of Portrait Painters       Mall Galleries, London

2005        Osborne Studio Gallery                        London

2002-11   artLondon with FAC                             London

2012         Majlis Gallery                                       Dubai

2014         Mark Murray                                        New York

2016-18   Rountree Tryon Gallery                       London and Petworth

2017 .       Palm Beach Art Fair                           Rountree Tryon

2018-19   Crossgate Gallery                                Lexington, USA 

2018+19   Hollandridge                                        Henley and London

2020         Rountree Tryon                                    Petworth